Haier G7S Pre-Infected Phone

I wiped the phone today – a full factory reset.

Logged into the Google Play Store using a test account , installed MalwareBytes Anti-Malware , updated the database and performed a scan.

Android/PUP.Riskpay.Excel.lib.kxqp malware was found immediately in the pre-installed 2Accounts app.

I have attempted to contact Haier via Twitter and Facebook but have been ignored so far.
Wonderful customer service!

No response

I have contacted Bau-Tech four times now via both of their mail address in English and German and got no response at all , they seemed like a good company and I would have purchased from them for the next order , but this failure to even respond is worrying and unprofessional.

They were happy to accept the money , no interest in after-sales support.

German Quality.


It has been almost a week since Matthias Runne abandoned us and our solar kit installation after we gave him the final payment.

Continuing the project myself , I have started switching the house from mains electricity to the inverter only to find it too is not up to the task.

After (supposedly) 100s of hours of research and phone calls , Matthias Runne’s recommendation of a 3000w inverter is totally inadequate.

Strange that a ‘German Quality’ Solar Installer doing a proper site survey should have made such a fundamental error.

In 2015 I measured the electrical power usage of most of the equipment in our house and gave him these details during the site survey.

For example , our washing machine uses 2500w peak and our microwave uses 1150w.

Both of these devices cause the 3000w inverter to reset and are unusable.

In his incompetence he has also chosen a high frequency inverter where a low frequency one would suit our equipment better.