Haier G7S Pre-Infected Phone

I wiped the phone today – a full factory reset.

Logged into the Google Play Store using a test account , installed MalwareBytes Anti-Malware , updated the database and performed a scan.

Android/PUP.Riskpay.Excel.lib.kxqp malware was found immediately in the pre-installed 2Accounts app.

I have attempted to contact Haier via Twitter and Facebook but have been ignored so far.
Wonderful customer service!

HPR1528 – Wildswimming in France


My audio recording / podcast episode is up at Hacker Public Radio , episode 1528.

In this episode I take a swim along a section of the Charente river near Chatain in the Poitou-Charente region of France.

I start upstream at the bridge and go down as far as the weir , then back.

On the way I describe some of the things I am seeing , I pass some cows and a couple of French fishermen.

Apologies for the audio quality and panting, this was recorded by an old MP3 player cable-tied to a wooly hat.