DPD UK fail

On 20140818 I ordered a Raspberry Pi from New IT , unfortunately they decided to use DPD UK to deliver it.

The parcel took three days to get from New IT to our nearest depot.

The delivery person supposedly couldn’t find our house , but that’s odd as both our road and house are very clearly labelled.
This isn’t even our first DPD UK delivery , twice last year I ordered equipment from Bargain Hardware , that all arrived perfectly.

The worst part however is that they just abandoned our parcel in the warehouse , for two weeks.
DPD UK didn’t bother to contact us even though they had our address and phone number.

I contacted DPD UK yesterday via their Make It Right service only to be told their ‘International Team’ would contact me within 24 hours , this turned out to be bullshit , but the parcel is now miraculously heading in the right direction again.


I will update this post with the outcome.

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